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Kimberly Williams| Howards Lawn & Haul
Rhonda was amazing to work with my project.  Once we discussed my issue and reviewed expectations, Rhonda was able to independently update my QBO account, made corrections and successfully produce accurate financial reports well within the timeframe I expected, no judgement.  She is very knowledgeable about accounting and the use of QuickBooks, and she is a pleasure to work with.  She was able to make solid suggestions for me to manage my financials going forward.  She put my mind at ease knowing that my account is up to date to anyone who wants a professional bookkeeping who actual loves accounting!
Sia Floyd| Antean Technology
Rhonda was awesome in helping us reconcile and update our accounting system, practices, and procedures.  She is an expert with quickbooks and understands how to ask the right questions to determine where the accounting issues lie.
Arlene Hill| Complete Mechanical Piping
On behalf of CMP, I would like to acknowledge the exceptional work that Rhonda and her company has done for us.  We were desperately in need of help with our books.  We were having several issues with our reports and our record keeping system.  It was overwhelming.  When we contacted R. Reed & Assoc. Rhonda assured us that it was something she could handle.  After receiving the requested documents, she wasted no time moving along and requesting more information as needed.  She kept the line of communication open and kept us informed on the progress.  Rhonda also took the time to explain some of the processes that would help our company going forward.  Rhonda was very detailed, professional and always available.  I would highly recommend R. Reed & Associates..
Mansa Prestwood| AP Concrete Construction
R. Reed & Associates has handled our bookkeeping for the past year. Working with them has been nothing short of spectacular.
They are thorough, accurate and very easy to communicate with. We would recommend their services to anyone.

Dr. Gloria Bullock DDS| Dentist

 Earlier this year the Dental practice received an unfortunate announcement relating to the untimely loss of an invaluable member of the financial operations in our office. We were devastated and did not know who to turn to for help. Fortunately, Rhonda Reed and Associates arrived and quickly turn the crisis around. her professionalism and extreme attention to detail allowed us to continue doing what we do best, providing quality delivery of compassionate dental care. I enthusiastically recommend Rhonda Reed and Associates to all of my colleagues based on the acute level of her accounting and tax responsibilities.

Mansa Prestwood| AP Concrete Construction R. Reed & Associates has handled our bookkeeping for the past year. Working with them has been nothing short of spectacular.They are thorough, accurate and very easy to communicate with. We would recommend their services to anyone.
Sam Cassidy| Slick Web Solution

Rhonda has been a pleasure to work with so far. I came to her with messy books across 3 businesses and she really took the time to
understand each one, and provide me with some excellent guidance on how to best organize the books.  I am fully confident
that Rhonda has my best interest at heart, and that she is always very responsive and patient with any questions that come up.


I recommend her to all my friends!

Rev. Larry S. Bullock, MPA/MDiv., President/CEO  U.S. Minority Contractors Association (USMCA)

R. Reed & Associates, Inc.  has been an invaluable asset to our emerging minority owned business owners.  From incorporation and the acquiring successful lines of credit bonding, Rhonda and her associates give these firms a competitive advantage with sincerity and excellence.  The USMCA is proud to support and recommend R. Reed & Associates, Inc. to any firm, minority and non-minoirity looking for service with excellence.
Rob Block, CPA, JD

I’ve known and worked with Rhonda Slaughter-Reed for several years. She is an excellent bookkeeper from a technical standpoint and in addition, she always meets the deadlines. She is easy to talk to and when discussing matters she explain concepts clearly and concisely. She has a lot of bookkeeping experience and is able to quickly identify problems and issues that may occur. I will highly recommend Rhonda for your bookkeeping needs.

Thomas G - Pure Love Pies, LLC
What a fantastic and professional freelancer.  Looking forward to provide more work to.
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